Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A busy couple of days making tops, brooches, shawl pins, snow men and icicles. I have craft fairs and markets most weekends between now and Christmas, sometimes two a weekend and also stuff gone in to the new shop plus the Salisbury German Market coming up so need to have more than usual stock. Hopefully I won't have much left over after the hoped for Christmas rush. I'll try and get some images up later today.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Popped into the new shop in Devizes (Kooky Ko) after the craft fair yesterday,. Sounds as if it went well, plenty of people popping in and some pieces sold. Need to get some more of the cheaper end of stock in their like the snowmen and brooches. Hope it goes well for them. Plenty of hard work gone into it, both looked really tired.
Trying to encourage people to vote for me in the Intuit offer. If I can get the money then I can upgrade my air filtering and renew some pretty worn out tools. As I want to extend my teaching I really do need to sort the filtering out and get some decent tools fo students to use. If anyone is reading this please go to the page and vote for me, no cost, log in or strings just simply vote. You can vote once a day and it is running until the 11th of December.

Thank you,

Friday, 8 November 2013

Put some of my pieces in the new shop in Devizes this morning. Back in this afternoon with a couple more and some labels. Hope it goes well for them as well as me. Well see.
Some of the things I have put into the shop

Good morning world. Just about to take some work to the new craft shop opening in Devizes 'Kooky Ko' Think I've got the name right LOL. It's opening on Saturday and is aimed at having quality handcrafted work in it. Catch you later with some photos if I can

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Oh dear

I have just been picked up on Face Book about this blog, I hadn't realised that it was actually as long ago as March that I last did anything on it. I am wracking my brain for a decent excuse but failing to think of one.
OK let's start again and see how it goes this time.

I am in the process of getting my stock built up as I have a gallery to stock, craft fairs and shows most weekends between now and Christmas and (hopefully) orders that will come in on the shop ( I have just made some little chap items for the fairs, Salisbury German Market and the gallery. Cheap and cheerful perhaps but still hand crafted and made from ecologically sourced wood. Here are some of them

I will try and keep up with this now. Fingers crossed. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I was commissioned to make a pair of vase pedestals for a Georgian table in walnut. They provided the blanks. 9" square and 3' long, heavy and a sod to get centred on the lathe single handed. The finished pedestal is 600mm long and 320mm wide at the widest point. Goblets are much easier LOL. It's left bare as they will need to stain / polish to match the table top.

One more to finish. Had to do a work around as the laminated blank had some splits in it hidden inside the laminations but fortunately (glue allowing) I was able to cut the splits out and glue the wood back. The join will be hidden by a bead.