Monday, 31 August 2009

More sales

Sold a few of the tops as soon as they were posted on a forum. Also sold a drop spindle + a few extra whorls. Getting closer to my first million. Only about £999,900 to go LOL

Be interesting to see what happens as Christmas gets closer, will sales of the more expensive items go up or will the cheaper iteems sell better....or maybe nothing will sell because everyone is skint and doing their shopping in Poundland :-(

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Got into the shed today and made a dozen little finger tops. Great fun to make, let's hope somene thinks that they are great fun to play with. I'll post pics a bit later. Need to cook dinner right now

Also had a surprise sale via Etsy. That's two in the last three days. Things are looking up. I've been going into the chat rooms and forum on Etsy and I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Picture of tops as promised

Friday, 28 August 2009

Managed to get some things made today.

6" long and about 5mm thick, made of Pittisporum. Pretty little platter.

a dozen T lights ready for a stall

More tomorrow hopefully

Discount offer for set of three pots.

I have these three Native american style pots in beech on my Etsy site ( retailing at $35 each. For a limited period of two weeks, ending 30th of September (midnight GMT) I am offering them as a set for $100 inclusive of postage. Full details of the pots can be seen on Etsy. This is only because I need to try and cut back on some of my stock due to gentle hints from my better half about the amount of dusting involved.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

On the highway (To success, fame & fortune?)

Just been accepted by these guys. Seem a nice bunch of people. There are so many avenues to try out for selling. These are a group of artists and craftsmen from various places like Etsy and others I hadn't heard of but will investigate.
Managed to get some turning done today. Did a dozen T lights (rustic of course) ready for the Hall for Cornwall Stall on Tuesday. Now need to get some hooks, weed pots and other small items done. I think I have enough alrger more expensive things already so better focus on the lowere end of the market until I find out what sort of punters come in.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I seem to be as unsociable with blogs as I am in the flesh. Oh well.....must make the effort.

I have just foubnd out about a once a month all day craft market in Truro's Hall for Cornwall so I am going to go for it. A 6' table with elctrics from 9 - 4 for a tenner can't be bad and if I can get it going ready for Christmas then maybe I can earn a bit to get a new decent sized lathe. Or maybe some Christmnas presents. Better still get the lathe and make some Christmas presents.
Sales on Etsy are very slow but apparently it is the same for a lot of people not just me. Looking at the sales that others have hgad and I'm not so bad.

I will need to revamp my stock and get a load of smaller things done for the stall. Also make sure that I have got enough bigger pieces ready for the exhibition in Novemeber. Thought this was supposed to be a hobby. If I could earn enough it could easily be a full time job.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Not getting a lot done at the moment for any number of reasons. Preparing the ground for a greenhouse (thank you Freecycle) grandchildren coming out of the woodwork (roll on school term) sorting out a new chicken house....Must discipline myself today and get some orders completed and posted off. Hopefully I'll get shed time today and do that lot then tomorrow I colect the greenhouse. Not a lot...some crochet hooks, a drop spindle, a platter and some hairsticks. Ah well off to work we go....LOL

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Spent a couple of days with two of my grandsons...boy does that make me sound old...and they made me realise that sometimes as we 'grow up' we get too complicated. Not having children around anymore it is easy to forget that the simple things in life are often far more fun than the complex things we adults call entertainment. Falling in a muddy river is hilarious as is being hosed down before coming back into the house, branches are magic wands, woodlands are tropical jungles and a chicken coop is a great place to hide..allbeit a bit smelly. I am now a serious advocate of second childhood. Long may it last
Need to get myself organised today as I have two orders to get out. My responsibilites to people who are paying must be paramount. Much easier to paly doing things I want but need to remember that if I am going to earn any kind of money I need to do what others want as a priority. Love to be a well known and respected atist / craftsman but first things first LOL

Hello to everyone who gets to read this

Everyone seems to think that having blogs is a good way to promote work so here goes. 

I turn wood that I find, scrounge or recycle and hopefully make useful and decorative items. Sometimes it's one or the other sometimes both. My work can be seen at or at I also do commissioned work and some of the things that I have up for sale are only done this way as they are personalised or perhaps not really the sort of thing that I would keep in stock. Please feel free to look and comment either positively or negatively but if the latter please make the critique helpful and not just 'I don't like that.' I am also open to suggestions and if there is something that you would like made get back to me and  I will let you know ASAP whether it is something that I can do for you. There is a contact form on my website or on Etsy a link to communicate. 

Hope you like some of what I do and I hear from you soon.