Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hello to everyone who gets to read this

Everyone seems to think that having blogs is a good way to promote work so here goes. 

I turn wood that I find, scrounge or recycle and hopefully make useful and decorative items. Sometimes it's one or the other sometimes both. My work can be seen at or at I also do commissioned work and some of the things that I have up for sale are only done this way as they are personalised or perhaps not really the sort of thing that I would keep in stock. Please feel free to look and comment either positively or negatively but if the latter please make the critique helpful and not just 'I don't like that.' I am also open to suggestions and if there is something that you would like made get back to me and  I will let you know ASAP whether it is something that I can do for you. There is a contact form on my website or on Etsy a link to communicate. 

Hope you like some of what I do and I hear from you soon.


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