Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I seem to be as unsociable with blogs as I am in the flesh. Oh well.....must make the effort.

I have just foubnd out about a once a month all day craft market in Truro's Hall for Cornwall so I am going to go for it. A 6' table with elctrics from 9 - 4 for a tenner can't be bad and if I can get it going ready for Christmas then maybe I can earn a bit to get a new decent sized lathe. Or maybe some Christmnas presents. Better still get the lathe and make some Christmas presents.
Sales on Etsy are very slow but apparently it is the same for a lot of people not just me. Looking at the sales that others have hgad and I'm not so bad.

I will need to revamp my stock and get a load of smaller things done for the stall. Also make sure that I have got enough bigger pieces ready for the exhibition in Novemeber. Thought this was supposed to be a hobby. If I could earn enough it could easily be a full time job.

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