Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My latest creation:

These are handmade each with a colouring dependent on the capability of the user. Black and purple are for the fully qualified wizard,red and burgundy for the intermediate and green for the novice. The snakeskin patterned ones tend to be favourite for followers of you know who (copyright forbids mentioning names) They are each 11" long and made of ash to give that strength needed. Finished with an easily maintained wax they should last the wizard a lifetime with sensible useage


  1. Ah, but do they have a unicorns hair inside? These are fab Pete, I love them. My little nephew love you knwo who and would love one of these

  2. Ask and you will recieve LOL. I am afraid that unicorns hairs and phoenix feathers are unattainable at the moment as the donors have emigrated south to get away from out awful weather. Hopefully in the future......