Saturday, 31 October 2009

Which direction?

OK, I am not fooling myself into thinking that I can make a fortune with my woodturning but I would like to sell enough to make a dent in the housekeeping. I have several different directions I can go in and am not really certain which would be best.
1:  Making for other crafters. This would involve making tools such as crochet hooks, lace bobbins, drop spindles, 3D felting rubbers (or whatever they are called), hatstands, jewellery stands, blanks for pyrographers and other 'artists.' It also means getting known (the really hard part) and being open to suggestions such as replacement bits for spinning wheels and maybe lots of one off items for people.
2:  The arty stuff. This is involving galleries and my experience so far is not too good. Wood doesn't seem too popular in galleries and isn't seen by many as an art form anway. In America it's a different scene with dedicated galleries for wooden craft.

3:  General treen and so forth. This includes things like bowls, rolling pins, honey dippers etc. Strange as it may sound this is a market that is difficult to crack as there are so many cheap imports.
If I were to sell things at the price you can get them for in a supermarket I would be unable to pay myself any kind of a wage at all so it has to be the more discerning market that likes handmade, individual stuff.

4: All the above. This is more or less what I am doing at the moment but am finding that I am selling very little either on line or in the few craft markets that I have done.

I suspect that a major problem, for me, is the marketing and I am aware that somehow I need to get this sorted out. If anyone is reading this and has any ideas please comment as I really need to get it up and running properly. Even finding craft fairs or markets to sell in seems impossible though I am probably looking in the wrong places. Where do I look? Here in Cornwall I just can't find many at least not ones that I can afford.

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  1. Hi, I am just having a nosy about on your blog and shops and want to say that I think you are very talented.

    I love your crochet hooks - I am making hints to the hubby about them as I type ;)

    There are a few fibre festivals around the country that might be worth checking out I went to the first ravelry one this year and I think that your crochet hooks would have done really well! :)