Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bad weather and good advice

Well the RNLI sale was sort of called off. It was in a little village that gets the worst of the winds when we have weather like the last few days and so getting there would have meant travelling a round 50 mile trip with the risk of getting stuck as the ferry was closed due to the winds. Never mind. Even if I had got there I doubt if many people would have braved the weather to attend. Now I just need to get my work soorted out for the exhibition at the end of the month. Whether I will sell anything or it is going to be just a showcase I don't know, we'll see. Very flattering to be asked to exhibit at all anyway.

Been reading an article in the latest woodturning magazine regarding 'Making your name' and some of what the author (a well known turner) was saying made sense and surprisingly coincided with my thoughts to some extent. He pointed out that the best known turners were well known for signature styles. Up until now I have had a go at anything but have been wondering about specialising. I see two main areas where I would like to do this. One is the making of crafting tools and equipment perhaps on a more production basis and the opther is developing my skills with goblets. I love making these and they can be both purely decorative and practical (sometimes both at the same time. ) I need to think about this and sort it out in my head. Expecting to be able to make money straight off has always been a daft notion and I was aware of that. Getting known as a quality turner and perhaps specialising is more likely the way to go and that takes time, not an overnight thing.

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  1. It's very rare to have an overnight success in this area. We really have to build a reputation and that takes years! I think finding a specialist area is a good way to go. Remembering that a Jack of all trades is a master of none! I'm still trying to find mine!