Friday, 13 November 2009

Christmas Rush?

I am sitting waiting for the promised Christmas rush. Is it too early or do people just not like my work :-( I have sold a few pieces lately as said previously but nothing like I either need or want to. I am not too sure what I am doing that isn't working. I have revamped my web site making it simoply a showcase and directing potential buyers to my online shops. Whether that will make a difference we have yet to see, I have a small RNLI sale tomorow which mau reap some rewards but who can tell. Come on all you customers over here !!!!!


  1. Maybe it's still a little too early and people are saving up. I know i've not started yet! It's definately not your stuff, I think it really is the sign of the times at the mo. Keep smiling!

  2. ah don't be down on your self Pete, your stuff is fab, people just don't seem to be buying at the minute. we did a craft fair last weekend and I only sold 1 ring! Yet loads of people said they really liked my stuff, hope this weekend is better. I'm sure things will pick up for you too