Sunday, 15 November 2009

Pleasing myself

I have an exhibition coming up, a 5 day one end of November, into Decmber. Good shop front if no sales though hopefully there will be some. It is for the higher end, 'rustic' work I do. Things I really love doing as you never have a clue what the end product will be like almost until it is finished. As you cut away the wood you need to be ready to adapt your ideas as flaws and faults appear in the wood. This piece is laburnum and was an offcut from a crotch (where the branches meet) It was a pig to do and flew off the lathe twice before I finally got it to stay. Worth it in the end though IMHO. Lovely grain, bark on the outside and a natural fauklt running through it whuch ended up with a hole. I love the contrast in texture in these pieces and when you get crazy grain and figuring like this it is an added bonus

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