Monday, 21 December 2009

Looking forward

So what do I hope to do in the new year? First thing is to separate the day dreams from the realistic ideas. The daydream is of a workshop / studio where I can have both my work and other turners on display and for sale as well as have a lathe running so that people can come in and see things actually being made. Not likely to happen. No capital for renting a place in a sensible location (or any location come to that) and the overheads and the paperwork involved would be more than I could handle. Doing demos and teaching, writing articles. Sort of daydreams but things that I need to work towards, certainly not something I could get up and running any time in the near future.
So what are the realistic ideas?
1 Get organised and start making sure I have a good stock of those things that seem to sell well. Added     advantage is that the more I make the quicker I will get without compromising quality
2 Get my time organised. Start treating it as a job as well as a passion and doing the things I find less inviting such as making multiple batches in an organised way.
3 Get my head around promoting my on line shops and working on them
4 Get some decent photos taken instead of just taking snapshots on the dining table.
5 Focus on two main areas....the bread & butter work such as treen and fabric crafting tools and my own signature work e.g. rustic bowls, goblets etc
6 Stop daydreaming and get realistic about it as this is my career now so I need to treat it as such In othwer words get my finger out and start working at it instead of playing at it.

I am sure there are a lot more things as well but if I am going to make a serious, money earning go of this I need to get cracking. A break up until the New year and then in for real

Happy Christmas everyone and a prosperous and fulfilling New Year to anyone who deigns to read this

Pete (Bodrighy)
Start my New Year off with a smile and check out my shops at Etsy, Misi or Folksy or have a look at my website

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Commission complete

I apologise for the photo. I had to get it shipped out ASAP to get it to the recipient in time for Christmas.

It's made of hawthorn and stands 12" tall and roughly 6" wide. Quite pleased with it.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Been doing these for someone. Little and large mortar and pestle and rolling pins. Could be a his and hers as well. Beech, sycamore and mahogany handles on the pins.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Joined together forever?

I was asked to make a pair of my wedding type goblets for someone who wants to give them as a Christmas present to someone else. I decided to be a bit silly about it and made them joined together. As the joining ring will need to be broken in order to use them it is only finished roughly with a sealer to make it the same colour. Hope they enjoy them.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Exhibition over

Well the exhibition has finished. I sold two pieces which I am happy enough about as all the things I put in were higher end.. Curiously the organiser said it would be good to have more pieces under £20 there so next time I'll do that.

Also just finished a commission for a pair of goblets which I'll post pictures of soon. Have a 1/2 doz. orders to get out as well so things are better than they have been. Got a long way to go to that first million mind LOL

The sale in town on Friday wa as bad as the others despite being closer to Christmas. Well not strictly true as I did cover my costs this time. Must learn to sell. Making things is so much easier than selling them. I am not a salesman and never will be but just posting things and hoping sopmeone falls in love with them and buys them is not going to do it.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I have been making things for sale for weeks and decided to make something tht I personally like. This is sycamore, turned wet and has an ebonised foot. The edge has been touched up by burning to match the foot. It stands about 8" tall and is max. Dia. of approx 6 1/2"