Sunday, 6 December 2009

Exhibition over

Well the exhibition has finished. I sold two pieces which I am happy enough about as all the things I put in were higher end.. Curiously the organiser said it would be good to have more pieces under £20 there so next time I'll do that.

Also just finished a commission for a pair of goblets which I'll post pictures of soon. Have a 1/2 doz. orders to get out as well so things are better than they have been. Got a long way to go to that first million mind LOL

The sale in town on Friday wa as bad as the others despite being closer to Christmas. Well not strictly true as I did cover my costs this time. Must learn to sell. Making things is so much easier than selling them. I am not a salesman and never will be but just posting things and hoping sopmeone falls in love with them and buys them is not going to do it.

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