Monday, 21 December 2009

Looking forward

So what do I hope to do in the new year? First thing is to separate the day dreams from the realistic ideas. The daydream is of a workshop / studio where I can have both my work and other turners on display and for sale as well as have a lathe running so that people can come in and see things actually being made. Not likely to happen. No capital for renting a place in a sensible location (or any location come to that) and the overheads and the paperwork involved would be more than I could handle. Doing demos and teaching, writing articles. Sort of daydreams but things that I need to work towards, certainly not something I could get up and running any time in the near future.
So what are the realistic ideas?
1 Get organised and start making sure I have a good stock of those things that seem to sell well. Added     advantage is that the more I make the quicker I will get without compromising quality
2 Get my time organised. Start treating it as a job as well as a passion and doing the things I find less inviting such as making multiple batches in an organised way.
3 Get my head around promoting my on line shops and working on them
4 Get some decent photos taken instead of just taking snapshots on the dining table.
5 Focus on two main areas....the bread & butter work such as treen and fabric crafting tools and my own signature work e.g. rustic bowls, goblets etc
6 Stop daydreaming and get realistic about it as this is my career now so I need to treat it as such In othwer words get my finger out and start working at it instead of playing at it.

I am sure there are a lot more things as well but if I am going to make a serious, money earning go of this I need to get cracking. A break up until the New year and then in for real

Happy Christmas everyone and a prosperous and fulfilling New Year to anyone who deigns to read this

Pete (Bodrighy)
Start my New Year off with a smile and check out my shops at Etsy, Misi or Folksy or have a look at my website

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