Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New ideas

Too cold to go towork in the shed again so have been working on research. Have found a few different crafts that I can make the equipment for. Kumihmo and Marudai being two of them. Probably loads more. As soon as it is warmer I will make up a couple of samples and post. Watch this space.


  1. I have a marudai. It took years to find a traditional one as no-one seems to make them! I haven't used it yet (not going to admit how long I've had it) but love the stuff you can do with it. Its better than the card/plastic disc type ones you can get now as the traditional ones let you vary the weights for different braids. One day I have a go at kumihimo, I'll get hooked and then I'll know where to come to get my weighted bobbins. Yay!
    Also- have you thought about making bead spinners?

  2. Not come across bead spinners. I'll go and look them up. Thanks for the tip