Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ego boost

When you make things for sale, if you have any sense of responsibility and lack personal confidence you are always on tenterhooks whatever you sell as there is always the chance that the customer may not like what they have paid good money for. The very fact that someone is willing to part with cash for something that you have made is an ego boost in itself but you still worry about it. I put the bowl in the last posting up for sale and it sold within 2 hours. To someone who has seen my work before and that was a real ego boost. Why then do I still worry that she won't like it? if anyone reading this is a crafter, I hope that you feel the same and never lose the sense of awe that someone is willing to pay fr things that you make. Half the pleasure at least has to be in the fact that what you do for fun as well as perhaps a living gives pleasure to someone. What better way of earning a living is there?


  1. Your post made me smile as that is exactly how I feel! People don't understand and they say but your stuff is lovely why do you think like that? I am always anxious from the moment said parcel leaves to the time it arrives at its destination (not that, that is happening a lot at the moment! lol) Wonder if that feeling will ever go away? And just for the record your work is stunning I love wood and if I had oodles of cash your shop would be the first place I would head, well maybe second to Vivienne Westwood!

  2. I didn't know Vivienne Westwood was a wood turner. I thought she just made frocks or something.

    Thank you for the compliments. Hope you win the lottery LOL

  3. You mean you haven't seen her wooden corsets? You have not lived!