Friday, 5 February 2010

Something old

I have been posting a fair bit of work that I have een doing lately but thought it might be good to show some of the work I do that is perhaps a bit different. I love rustic work where the natural wood and / or barl is left on to contrast with the smooth finish of the turned wood. These are examples of the sort of thing I love doing

This is made from yew, it's about 8" diameter and has a rim that is natural wood contrasting sharply with the inner bowl

I call these natural edged goblets 'Chantrelle Goblets' as they remind me of the chantrelle mushrooms. This one is 7" tall, made of hawthorn and is decorative only

This vase is made again of hawthorn and stands 6" tall. The bark naturally developed the hawk like shape as it was turned. Note the natural inclusion or hole in the side.


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  2. I love these pieces. Mother nature is the perfect sculpter. it just takes someone special to come along and finish them off!