Sunday, 9 May 2010

Market stall

I have been given a trial in a market for free for 10 days and had the first two this weekend. Went well, not a millionaire yet but covered my costs. The traders and management are friendly and helpful as well which is good.

Booth is 10' x 10' square and right by the main entrance. Looks like this at the moment though hopefully we can use the time to practice our layout and design

The lass is my boss pyrographing a dibber. I am able to use my mini lathe there which is good as it attracts attention and bad as I have to clear up afterward


  1. Well done! I hope it goes really well for you. One thing I did notice (as it's a bit of a thing with me) your cloths don't reach the floor and I can see your boxes underneath (Sorry)

  2. It was a rush job done between and Saturday morning. We have now revamped, see new post. Thanks for noticing though.