Monday, 17 May 2010

Revamped stall

We had a bit more time to work on the stall Friday so had a go at tarting it up a bit. We now have 3 tables, one at the front with the cheaper range, behind that it is mainly bowls and one to the left in the picture is the fancy arty, more expensive stuff. Probably won't sell a lot of the fancy stuff but it is definitely an attention getter. It looks as good as we are likely to get it for a temporary stall but if we do get it on a more permanent basis we'll go to town with some shelves and peg boards etc. Plenty of interest and some sales. Also offers of wood to collect.


  1. Lovely! very professional and welcoming!

  2. Much improved on the last pic I saw, and good to hear it's going well. Marie x

  3. Nice idea to put the expensive stuff at the back to draw people in..and keeps it away from children in push-chairs.

    All looks very professional!