Thursday, 10 June 2010

Getting more specialised

Doing a market stall over the last few weeks has got me thinking of perhaps changing one of my online shops to a specialised one for crafting tools and equipment only. Listing all the things that I have been making or can make I am surprised at the number of different things there ar. Also putting it up on some forums has brought in a number of new ideas as well.
Here's the list so far.

Andean plying tools
Drop spindles:
           Russian with support bowl
          Tibetan with support bowl
          Standard bottom whorl
          Standard top whorl

Couronne sticks
Needle cases
Yarn tidies
Crochet hooks
           up to 4mm with metal tip
          4mm and larger all wood

Outsized knitting needles (10mm +)
Kumihimo discs
Pin bowls
Tassle forms
Seam rippers
Lace bobbins
Spinning bobbins
Tapestry bobbins
Niddy noddy
Peg loom
Scarf loom
Darning mushrooms
Knitting bobbins (for jewelers as well as for braiding)

I'm sure there are others as well so any suggestions please let me know


1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure what half of these are used for, but I think a separate shop is a really good idea. Marie x