Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Oh good LOL

The customer likes the salad bowl so it will be going out soon.  Just a quick word about things made for food. Make sure that the wood you use is a safe one. Avoid any that are potentially toxic like yew, laburnum, iroko etc and always use an oil that is food safe.Olive oil can apparently go off after a time so I don't use that. A simple supermarket cheap brand is fine, you don't have to got the expense of the specialised stuff. It also means that the item is easily maintained.


  1. is it ok to add beeswax and a bit of essential oil? I tend to but its also waht I use for furniture, so maybe I shouldn't...I don't make it as thick for food stuff though

  2. Interesting Blog but wasn't too sure if you are saying Olive oil is OK or not. Love your work by the way, I wish you every success :)