Thursday, 22 March 2012

Good evening anyone who is watching. Tonight's offering is a bowl made from walnut and poplar. I get most of my raw material from various sources including a furniture factory and though I am not personally into segmented work I have made several of these pieces from offcuts that I put together./ This one is 10" diameter and finished with micro crystalline polish.


  1. Hi Pete, welcome to the world of blogging. I usually just type as I think it, not always a good thing I admit but usually ends up a relaxed blog rather than being stilted. And you already have seventy five followers, crikey, I have been going for ages and only have forty. You must be doing something right so why change now. lol.

  2. Thanks Carol.I can waffle with the best of them but need to to make this both a showcase and somewhere where people who are perhaps not crafters themselves will come because of the witty repartee LOL. Maybe your method is the one to follow, type as I think though there may be times when that wouldn't be appropriate LOL.
    Thanks for following