Friday, 23 March 2012

Good evening to anyone who may be reading this. Bow No3 is a spalted beech bowl with an intricate pyrographed
Celtic design around the rim. This is a heavyweight bowl and measures 11" across. A lovely decorative or practical piece. Pyrography is very time consuming and costing a piece like this is always difficult. If I put a price that was reflective of the time taken to do the artwork I suspect I would never sell it. Please note that some of the bowls I am showing here are in my shop at Art Fire but not all as I am trying to show hat a bowl is not just a round wooden thing for filling with fruit but can be an object of beauty in it's own right so some of the bowls are ones that have already been sold.


  1. Welcome to blogsville Pete - a great way to promote your work. You are so right in that the price of handmade never reflects the amount of time taken to produce the item - such a shame as often it is many, many hours. The bowl is lovely. Look forward to reading many more great posts.

  2. I too look forward to reading your posts - and your bowls are beautiful, they really are.

  3. That is absolutely beautiful- the detail is really lovely, I wouldn't want to spoil it by putting anything in it- this is certainly, as you said, an object of beauty in its own right.