Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sorry about the size of the photo last night (if anyone is following that is LOL) Blowed if I can see how to edit a post. Nothing seems to give me that option so you'll have to forgive me if I get something wrong.
OK where was I? Oh yes bowls. Bowls are so ordinary much of the time and when I visit craft fairs and see the ones other turners have on their stalls I wonder if any of them do anything different. Quality is usually excellent don't get me wrong but the variety of shapes and sizes is so limited and it's unnecessary./ there are so many different w\y to design a bowl and so many lovely woods to choose from in this country without buying expensive blanks and turning the same sort of thing out ad nauseum. All sounds a bit critical I know but I truly don't understand why so many turners stick to the same designs basically. Experiment people, try something different !!!!!!
 This is 22" diameter made from macrocarpa or Monterrey pine. Lovely centre piece for a table. The scale can be seen from the bananas on it. beautiful grain and a real conversation piece.

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