Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sorry for the missed couple of days (just in case anyone does actually read this and noticed) but my connection is erratic to say the least and some evenings it is bedtime before the image has managed to upload. This is the last of the bowls so as someone said. "Now for something completely different.
Sometimes a bowl can be something completely off the wall like this one. Made from goodness knows what wood I couldn't resist trying to make something from it though the original piece of wood was really scrap firewood. Glad I persevered though. I is approx 9" total width with the bowl about 5 " diameter. Again it is practical but also highly decorative.
Next week I'll have a look at some other types of turning. Not sure if anyone is actually folowing me as I seem to get few comments. Thanks to the ones who have.


  1. I think that is different Pete and would look good in any setting

  2. A great blog Peter and thank you for following mine. Your work is lovely and I am sure you will get lots more blog followers soon. The 1st April bowl is brilliant - as you say highly decorative, it looks great. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Love the bowl it's so different and to think it could have been chucked on the fire.
    I'm now following you as well, it will take a while to get going. Though you have a lot more followers than I do :)