Saturday, 19 January 2013

Been busy getting some photos together and up into my Artfire shop today. Several pieces I have done recently that needed to go up. Will also need to raid all my stockand see what else as  have got way behind and expecting people to buy things that aren't in the sjhop is perhaps a little silly LOL.
These are table centres for weddings or dinner parties. I got glass vases in the centre so that cut flowers can be put into them. The dished areas around are filled with potential wedding favours. Finger tops and keyrings in this case but it could be whatever is required, sweets, confetti, nuts whatever. The first two are made from walnut and the third from an unknown wood I sourced from a gardener.


  1. I love those table centres and think they could be used all year at home not just for a wedding, well done for a wonderful innovation

  2. Thank you Carol. Whilst I am pushing them ATM for weddings I agree that they wopuld be great for any occasuion .