Monday, 14 January 2013

Good morning world. Today is a prep day, probably make a few bits and pieces to relieve the boredom though. I have six oak medieval goblets to make and as I make them in green oak I need to rough them out and leave to settle. If they split I fill the splits with brass as in the one here. Sometimes they warp as well so the top of the goblet/chalice becomes more oval shape adding to the 'old' look of it. Quite popular with those involved in medieval banquets and re-enactments.I hope that these as well as platters and other things I make will be picked up more by these people as it would be a good way of increasing my customer base. They normally sell for about £25 depending on how much work is involved. Some of the more fancy ones such as the one below are a bit more work therefore more money.

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