Sunday, 13 January 2013

Right. I must get my act together and use this blog properly. Not very good at New Years resolutions but as I really need to get my business off the ground properly I must discipline myself.
Right. Gird your loins Pete LOL.
This is something very different. I make a lot of crafting tools but ws approached by someone who wanted a tool that was a combination of a Niddy noddy, a nostepinne, a drop spindle with three separate whorls and which also had a WPI 9wraps per inch gauge on it. This was the result. It was also specified that it should be in purple heart. After a couple of revised designs we agreed on on e and this ws the result. Customer is happy with it via email. Hopefully will still be happy when she recieves it. LOL
 This is the tool as a niddy noddy, all parts assembled

This is it broken down into it's separate components.

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