Friday, 8 February 2013

Sometimes I get inquiries from people who see something on my website or Facebook page which makes them think of somethng they need or want that is different. One such commission recently was where a lady saw that I did darning mushrooms and asked if I could make her something similar. She uses metal clay and needed something that she could lay it out on to dry. It was basically like a darning mushroom but had a shrot base instead of a handle and was much wider. This was what I came up with and she was happy with it.

I have somehow seemed to gravitate towards designing and making  different styles and designs of goblets and chalices. There are so many ways of adapting them. I try and make most so they are usable. This one has had the stem turned on three different axis and is made of old puine. It is coated for use as are most and stands approx. 6" tall.

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