Thursday, 21 March 2013

I was commissioned to make a pair of vase pedestals for a Georgian table in walnut. They provided the blanks. 9" square and 3' long, heavy and a sod to get centred on the lathe single handed. The finished pedestal is 600mm long and 320mm wide at the widest point. Goblets are much easier LOL. It's left bare as they will need to stain / polish to match the table top.

One more to finish. Had to do a work around as the laminated blank had some splits in it hidden inside the laminations but fortunately (glue allowing) I was able to cut the splits out and glue the wood back. The join will be hidden by a bead.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Good afternoon world. It is a beautiful sunny day albeit cold. Another misguided sign of spring?  A couple of days ago we had this visitor in the garden, we hear him a lot but only see him in the winter when he comes to the same spot to have a peck around. Possibly after ants.

Had to take the picture through the window as he is very wary and is off at the slightest movement.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oops, so much for keeping the blog going regularly. Tried hard to think of an excuse for not writing for a fortnight and can't think of one. We have been looking at alternative events to craft fairs and so far have booked a couple of country fairs, a dog show and a folk festival. Nothing like variety LOL. Going to go and have a look at a balloon festival in Bristol and an alternative life three day event later in the year and if they seem worth it book them for next year. Also got asked to make a pair of pedestals fro a Georgian style dining table with the possible ongoing connection with the customer, a bespoke furniture company. If it all works out it would be ideal. Hopefully this year we will get things moving and the business will start to grow. Hardest part isn't making things it's getting them noticed and selling them. Self promotion is not exactly my strong point LOL.
Have also made a few different things and will leave those until tomorrow to post. Now let's see if I am any good at self hypnosis............. I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY, I MUST BLOG DAILY,..............................